My Story

After spending my childhood in the good company of crayons, paper, pencils, photoshop 1.0 and a whole lot of imagination, i started out as a muralist/graffiti artist, and started experimenting with photography, illustration and graphic design at an early age. This grew out into a wild passion for graphic design and creative communication. Fields in which I have been working professionally for over 20  years. Alongside my work as a graphic designer and art director i’ve always had a strong urge to create stuff that doesn’t come from strategy, brand guidelines and market positions. Work without compromise that comes from within myself, with no boundaries but my own. 

I’m constantly pushing myself to create new things. Experimenting, researching materials and learning new techniques to challenge myself. In my latest work I explore the boundaries between painting and sculpture. Paint set free from it’s background, without frame or borders, created on the edge of intuition and the unpredictable, as a reflection of myself and the world around me. A research of (creative) freedom, letting go and trusting the process.